Why contact Ralph Dzegniuk Professional Corporation

Having specialized for the past 10 years in the field of immigration and refugee law, and having worked at one of Canada’s oldest and largest immigration and refugee law firms, Ralph Dzegniuk Professional Corporation provides the highest quality and standard of work. Moreover, Mr. Dzegniuk always guarantees his complete commitment to the success of each case. At the same time, upon conducting a detailed consultation, Mr. Dzegniuk will always communicate his assessment of the case (and, in turn, the likelihood of success) in plain and realistic terms; if it is honest opinion that a given case is not particularly strong or does not have a realistic likelihood of success, Mr. Dzegniuk will always advise the client accordingly at the very outset.

While it may be true that a larger firm might offer more man-power and can, at the very least, appear more imposing, the fact of the matter is that at such firms an applicant is just a name and a number. He or she is among hundreds, if not thousands, of files which are dealt with relatively quickly in order to move on to the next case. However, at a smaller office such as Ralph Dzegniuk Professional Corporation, each applicant can be assured that he or she will be met with more personalized approach and that his or her case will be handled with the type of care and dedication that it deserves.

Finally, while the quality of work that Ralph Dzegniuk Professional Corporation provides is fully on par with any other larger firm, the fee structure that it offers is much more moderate and reasoned. Mr. Dzegniuk’s fees are competitive and he offers a flexible structure to suit each individual’s budget.