Those coming to United States for business or personal travel can apply for type B visitor visas of which there are 2 types:

a) B-1 Business Visa

It is intended for temporary business visitors wishing to enter the U.S. for certain business activities. This type of a visa encompasses professional activities such as business consultations, contract negotiation, or attending a business conference.

b) B-2 Tourist Visa

With the exception of individuals from certain countries that qualify under the Visa Waiver Program, anyone seeking to visit the U.S. for pleasure or tourism must generally obtain a B-2 visitor or “tourist” visa.

Nationals of some countries are eligible for multiple entry visas valid up to ten years, while nationals of other countries may only be eligible for a single entry visa.

c) F-1 Student Visa

It is intended for those wishing to enter the United States to pursue full-time academic or vocational education. This type of a visa can be obtained by students planning to attend any of United States’ colleges and universities, high schools, language training courses, and other academic programs.

d) Other types of visas: investor and visa waiver program

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